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Farewell from Sarah

As my time at Carers Network draws to a close I can hardly believe what we have achieved in just three years, and I wanted to share some highlights:

  • Growing: against a backdrop of reduced funding Carers Network now reaches 4,500 carers today and our income has almost doubled. We run expanded council-based services and some unique new projects.
  • Added-value: we work with three (soon to be four) central London boroughs, delivering a high-quality and specialist support for carers – this is a timely reminder of the additional value which charities can bring to public services
  • Doing more for carers: our crowdfunding campaigns, challenge events, donations and our new corporate partnership have transformed our offer to carers. We now support more carers with small grants, projects, courses, trips, events, training and free tickets
  • We get carers’ voices heard – Carers Network connects carers with politicians and we are regularly invited to speak about carers issues, just this week I spoke to LBC radio about unpaid carers leave.

I am confident I am leaving Carers Network in a stable and sustainable position with a fantastic team, healthy finances and funding secured for the next few years. The charity will also have a great new CEO – to be announced very soon!

I have learnt an enormous amount from carers, the Carers Network team and the host of expert local partners the charity works with. So a heartfelt thank you to you all.

I will continue to be a friend to the charity (I’m already signed up as a donor!) and I look forward to the charity’s continued development over the years to come,