What is a Carers Assessment?

All carers are entitled to an assessment of their needs, this is quite separate from the assessment of the person they care for. 

A Carers Assessment enables carers to think about their needs and find out about any help available to them. The emphasis is on the carer assessing his/her own needs as no one knows these better than they do.

Carers Network now undertakes the same carers assessments as Westminster City Council and Hammersmith & Fulham council staff. If you’re not sure whether you should have an assessment with Carers Network or with the council just give us a call and we can help.  

What are the benefits of a Carers Assessment to you as a carer?

  • you have the chance to talk through your experiences as a carer and feel listened to and respected
  • you find out about the services that can help and support you
  • you are able to apply for small grants and Carers Personal Budgets
  • your needs as a carer are clearly identified, along with agreed actions and outcomes

Who is entitled to a Carers Assessment?

Anyone who feels that their caring role has an impact on their life is entitled to a Carers Assessment. 

What can I talk about in my carers assessment?

Carers Assessments are confidential and are carried out by trained, professional carer support workers. In a Carers Assessment you can talk about anything related to your caring role which might include the following:

  • How you feel about caring
  • Your own health and wellbeing
  • Your finances
  • Work, studying or training
  • Taking a break from caring
  • What you enjoy about being a carer
  • Any changes in your life or that of the person you care for that may have had an impact on caring role
  • Any help you need to continue to care

What will happen after a Carers Assessment?

We will send to you a copy of your carers assessment and ask for you to agree and sign this. We will agree a summary of your needs as a carer and actions that you want to take as a result, for example referrals to carers’ services or an application for a small grant to help you to take a break.