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Carers Network recruiting for the role of Chief Executive

Building on our success

For 25 years Carers Network has supported carers in Westminster. We have grown significantly in the past three years and now have responsibility for providing services in three London Boroughs and the City. Our income comes from a range of sources, in addition to the local authorities where we provide services. In 2016 it was £912,000. We currently have 19 full and part-time staff.

We provide information, advice, case work and support, social events, and break schemes. We ensure carers are involved in making decisions about all aspects of their caring role.

We now need a dynamic, entrepreneurial and charismatic leader to take our charity to the next stage of its development. Someone who is passionate about helping carers in London. If you think this is you, then we’d love to hear from you.

Chief Executive £55,000 to £60,000 depending upon experience

Key responsibilities:

  • Lead the further expansion and development of Carers Network focussed on the needs of carers
  • Develop and implement a strategy to diversify and increase our funding revenue
  • Maximise the use of volunteers and harness the talents of our hardworking permanent team of staff
  • Grow Carers Network’s profile, reputation and voice amongst stakeholders
  • Maintain and develop excellent relationships with funders

You will need to:

  • Have experience of leadership
  • Have a good understanding of working with the public sector
  • Ensure services are driven by the needs of carers
  • Raise the positive external profile of Carers Network
  • Be an effective communicator
  • Be an experienced and effective networker
  • Quickly build relationships with a range of service users and senior stakeholders
  • Have proven and successful experience of applying for funding
  • Develop and manage our budgets competently.


To apply please download our Chief Executive information pack here

or contact us directly on the details below:
T: 0208 960 3033

Closing date for all applications is 12 noon on Wednesday 26 April 2017

Interviews will be held on Friday, 12 May 2017

We are an equal opportunity employer that recognises and celebrates diversity

Project Management Workshop

Do you struggle when making decisions ?

Have lots of projects on the go and unfinished?

Then this Carers Time Bank workshop is for you!

  • When: Wednesday 19 April 2017 & Wednesday & 26 April 2017, 11am – 3pm
  • Where: Beethoven Centre, Third Avenue, London, W10 4JL
  • Lunch included

Project Management workshop.indd

Spring Fair and Skills Share Event

The Carers Time Bank is hosting a Spring Fair and Skills Share Event on Wednesday 29 March 2017.  

Members will have the opportunity to share and develop new skills and access information and advice from local providers.

As well as this, there will be a wide range of beauty treatments on offer including manicures, eyebrow threading and reflexology.

Please see further details below:

When: Wednesday 29 March 2017, 12pm-4pm
Where: Beethoven Centre, Third Avenue, London, W10 4JL
Lunch included.

Malga Chera Theatre will be joining us from 12:30pm – 1:30pm for a fun and interactive fitness session

Volunteers needed

If you would like to share a skill or help us set up on the day, please contact Siyane Debela on 0208 960 3033. You will earn credits for helping and get priority to attend our upcoming summer trip to Eastbourne. We can reimburse volunteers travel expenses provided you do not already have a freedom pass. For more information, please contact us.

To book or offer support, please RSVP emailing events@carers-network.org.uk or contact the office on 0208 960 3033.

Spring Fair 2017.indd

Carers Time Bank Cookery Workshop

Carers Time Bank member Josephina Becci recently facilitated a Cookery Workshop, where she shared her cooking skills with other members of the Time Bank.

(Please scroll down to see the recipe for the pasta and pesto dish that Jopsephina cooked in her demonstration)


Josephina shares her secrets with the Carers Time Bank members

60 Second Interview with Josephina Becci

  • How did you feel about doing the workshop?

I felt great! Especially afterwards as everyone was so keen on learning. It made me feel very happy. While I was there, I didn’t have to think about my problems at home. I was able to enjoy myself and live in the moment. They were such a nice bunch of people, and they seemed to enjoy the food, which is always a bonus.

  • What type of support did you receive?

I received as much support as I needed. The Time Bank co-ordinators, were brilliant and everything was put together so well. Everything was very easy.

  • How would you feel about doing a similar event again?

I was a bit worried at first as I didn’t think people would listen or be interested in what I had to say. But now that I’ve done it, I would definitely do it again.

  • Has the workshop improved your knowledge or confidence?

I think I would be anxious to do something similar again but the cooking workshop has given me confidence to do what I want in life and future. My focus now is on caring and looking after my grandchildren but I want to become a Doula one day as I’ve always wanted to be a midwife.

  • The workshop in carers own words…

Fantastic morning and good food. I’ll definitely make this meal at home. Thanks.”
Thanks for this wonderful lesson on how to make good pasta.”
A good sociable event to get together with other carers and share a meal together.”
I liked the cooking … it makes me now confident that I can make the pesto myself. It’s tasty and cheap.”
I enjoyed the Italian food. The pasta with pesto was nice.”
Thanks to Siyane and Viola for making it so easy and enjoyable for me. I enjoyed myself. Nice day and well organised.”

Recipe for Josephina’s Pesto with Pasta


Ingredients (serves 4-6 people)

White pasta (spaghetti or linguine), olive oil, fresh basil (preferably Genovese basil), walnuts, garlic, Parmesan cheese, salt and grounded black pepper.


  1. Wash and dry the basil leaves. Peel 2 large garlic cloves and add 115g/4 oz of basil with 25g/1 oz of walnuts with a drizzle of olive oil into a blender and blend the ingredients together.
  2. Once blended, put the sauce into a large bowl. Add more olive oil, parmesan cheese, salt and black pepper and let the sauce sit.


  1. Put cold water into a large pot. Add salt and let the water boil.
  2. Add 500g of pasta into boiling water and time according to packet.
  3. Before you drain the pasta, place a bowl under it to reserve some of the starch. Drain the pasta immediately once ready.
  4. Add 2 tablespoons of starch into the pesto sauce and mix together. Adding starch will thicken the sauce.
  5. Add the pasta into the pesto sauce and mix together. Add more parmesan, salt and pepper to taste. If you like, you can also add chilli.
  6. Serve and enjoy!




Improve your IT Skills Workshop

IT Skills Workshop for Carers Time Bank Members

Attend a free IT workshop being delivered by the Department of Work and Pensions.

Learn how to make your own custom made calendar and improve your IT skills.

You will receive a Certificate of Attendance.

  • When: Wednesday 18th January 2017, from 11am-2pm
  • Where: The Beethoven Centre, Third Avenue, London, W10 4JL

Lunch included.

Cost: 2 Time Credits.


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We Did It!

We are very pleased to announce that we were successful in the first stage of our Global Giving Gateway Challenge and raised £3,824 from at least 91 individual donors in 35 days towards our campaign to expand the Carers Time Bank! A big ‘Thank You’ to everyone who helped us and supported the campaign!

totaliser-we-did-itAs a result Carers Network has now won a permanent place on Global Giving which will enable us to access many other exciting fundraising opportunities!

But we’re not there yet! To complete the challenge we need to raise a total of £6,000 – which will enable us to help 50 carers share skills in our unique Time Bank.

Just £8 buys one carer’s materials for a skills workshop such as jewellery making, while £14 pays for recruiting a new carer to join the Carers Time Bank.

You can help us try and reach the target by donating or sharing the link to donate with your friends on social media!

Donate and find out more about the project here: http://bit.ly/carers-timebank

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Our Crowdfunding Campaign is NOW LIVE!

We are very excited to have launched our first ever crowdfunding campaign!

We want to expand our very popular Carers Time Bank project and enable even more carers in central London to access it.

You can donate and follow the campaign here: http://bit.ly/carers-time-bank

What is Crowdfunding?

Crowdfunding is an increasingly popular way for charities to raise funds; it allows supporters to make a donation to a particular project and make a very real impact.

We decided on the campaign to raise funds to expand the Carers Time Bank after listening to positive carer feedback on the project.

We have been working on our plans for the last few months and have made it through to the final stage of Global Giving’s prestigious Gateway Challenge.

Global Giving are the world’s leading crowdfunding platform.

They have challenged us to raise £6,500 in 5 weeks from at least 50 people.

if we are successful we will be on their platform permanently, which will provide us with access to many other sources of future funding.

You can see our page and donate here: http://bit.ly/carers-time-bank

The campaign will involve plenty of hard work to ensure that we can raise the funds we need.

We really need your help to make sure that the campaign is a success!

Whether that is through making a donation, or just spreading the work about the project and campaign, it will all help. This will be a team effort!

Keep your eyes peeled for updates throughout the campaign and we hope that you are as excited as we are about this opportunity!