Carers Action

Carers Action

What is Carers Action?

Carers Action is a steering group run by carers whose vision is to promote and protect the interests of all carers. A carer is a person giving assistance to an ill, disabled or frail person for no wage.
It is facilitated by Carers Network which provides support services for carers in Westminster, Hammersmith & Fulham and the City of London
Carers Action serves as a united and unique platform for carers to meet and discuss matters of common concern and provides a recognised way for public sector organisations and commissioners to consult with carers.
Membership is open to all unpaid carers in Westminster.
Members of Carers Action are known as Carer Representatives. Each Carer Representative is responsible for feeding back relevant information from various boards, groups, events and meetings pertinent to carers.
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Download a copy of the presentation given at Carers Action committee meeting No 71 on Tuesday 14 October 2014 by Sarah Newton, Senior Commissioner, Tri Borough Adult Social Care:
Our Current Members:
Carer Representatives for Learning Disability
  • Cathy Slater
  • Jill Carter
  • Eilleen Bell
Carer Representatives Older People
  • Valerie Gaynor
  • Laurie Philpotts
Carer Representative for Health Watch / Dementia Issues
  • Valerie Gaynor
Carer Representative for Mental Health
  • Jarka Hinksman – Chair  
Carer Representative for Parent Carers
  • Natalie Hamdoun
General Carer Representatives
  • Rosalind Waddon
  • Mona Ghanam

The aims of carers action are:

  • to raise awareness of carers and their importance within communities
  • to give voice to the experience of carers in order to improve support and services for carers
  • to assist carers to access opportunities and services that other people may take for granted

The objectives of carers action are:

  • To provide a forum for carers to meet together and discuss matters of common concern
  • To ensure carers have access to up-to-date and accurate information on matters relevant to them
  • To provide a strong and united voice for carers on matters that concern them, recognising the diversity of carer experience
  • To champion the importance of consultation with carers and provide mechanisms primarily for statutory service providers and commissioners to consult with carers
  • To identify the difference that carer consultation makes to services

 Carers Action Days

Open to all Westminster carers, Carers Action Days are a platforms for carers to meet and discuss matters of common concern and provide a recognised way for public sector organisations, individuals and commissioners to consult with carers.

What is a Carer Representative?

A Carer Representative is someone chosen by carers to represent them. It is important that all carers can get involved in Carers Action. However, representatives are needed for several reasons:

  • Sometimes extra work needs to be done in preparation for Carers Action Days or to follow up on issues raised at the events
  • Many groups in Westminster want to include the voice of carers. It is important that carers sitting on these groups have a representative role. This means that the Carer Representative  keeps the larger group of carers informed of important issues. It also means that the representative speaks with the authority of the carers they represent

What do Carer Representatives do?

It is important that Carer Representatives regularly attend the Carers Action Days. Depending on the group of carers they represent, they will usually have to attend partnership groups that include people from Westminster City Council, NHS Westminster and other organisations.

Carer Representatives sit on the following Groups:

  • Tri borough Carers Strategic Partnership Board
  • Older People’s Partnership Board
  • Learning Disability Partnership Board
  • Challenging Behaviour Steering Group

What training and support can I expect to receive as a Carer Representative?

Carers Action is supported and facilitated by a member of staff at Carers Network. Currently this is Anita Doshi. Anita helps the steering group set its agenda, organises meetings and takes minutes. Anita also looks after the practical arrangements for the Carers Action Days and helps run things on the day.

Is training provided?

Training is organised for carers, especially Steering Group members. This includes topics such as public speaking, self-advocacy, skills for influencing policy.

To find out more about Carers Action call 020 8960 3033 or email: 

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