Carers Time Bank is the first time bank for carers in London. Members help and support each other by exchanging their skills and sharing their local knowledge and experience.

How does the Carers Time Bank work?:

For every hour of help you give, you receive an hour’s ‘time credit’, which can be ‘spent’ receiving help from another Time Bank member; no money changes hands.

Members also get together at time bank social, recreational and training events.


The Carers Time Bank is supported by The Big Lottery Fund and The Portman Estate.

Skills being offered by Time Bank members include:

  • Form filling
  • Language lessons: French, Italian, Spanish
  • Clothes alterations
  • Cake making lessons

To find out more contact us on 020 8960 3033 or email Viola or Siyane.

See our Meet the Team page to find out more about the Time Bank staff.

Frequently asked questions

Is there a charge?

No money changes hands. Being a member of the Time Bank is completely free.

Are all skills worth the same?

Yes. Every hour of help whatever it is, is worth one time credit.

What happens after I sign up?

After you complete and return the Time Bank information leaflet the Time Broker will meet you and explain the Time Bank in detail and ask for two referees. Once you are a member we set up your account and match your requests for help with a member who can help you and match your skills to members requests for help. You can also attend regular Time Bank skill shares, training and social and recreational events.

Can I get help straight away?

Yes! all members can ask for help from day one. Just put in as much as you take out.

Can I access resources from other organisations?

Yes,  we are a part of Carers Network which provides advice, support and access to small grants, events and activities for unpaid carers. The Carers Time Bank is also associated with businesses and leisure facilities and other time banks in Westminster where you can spend your credits.

How are credits logged?

If you receive help from the Time Bank your account is debited and if you provide help your account is credited. You will get a regular statement, or contact us to find out your balance at any time.

Can I donate my time credit?

Yes, if you have credits to spare, you can donate some to someone you know who needs help. Just contact us and let us know.