Workshop on Championing Carers of People with Schizophrenia

Invitation to ‘Championing Carers of People with Schizophrenia’
Tuesday 5 July 2016, 2.00 – 4.30pm
65-67 Queen’s Gate, London, SW7 5JS
Facilitated by the Otsuka and Lundbeck Alliance

Carers and families play a crucial role in the management of schizophrenia, which affects nearly 300,000 people in the UK. Schizophrenia is still associated with considerable stigma, fear and limited public understanding. In 2015, the Mental Health Taskforce acknowledged in its interim report that carer and family involvement in the delivery of care is a key ‘area for change’, and it is hoped that the Government’s commitment to spend more than £1 billion annually on mental health by 2020/21 can have a positive effect on support for carers and families.

In order to help ignite the debate around support for carers of people with schizophrenia, the Otsuka and Lundbeck Alliance launched a consultation document in February 2016 examining what carers and families of people with schizophrenia and mental illness are currently experiencing. It was accompanied by an online consultation seeking views from stakeholders on what needs to happen next to improve the lives of, and support provided to, carers and families.

The Alliance’s Chelsea and Westminster workshop aims to provide an interactive forum for local health leaders, commissioners, clinicians and carers to feed into the consultation and to share best practice examples of local support for carers and families of people with schizophrenia, and to discuss what more needs to be done to improve the level of support both locally and nationally.

All responses to the consultation will be incorporated into a nationally-focused report laying out best practice examples and recommendations to improve support for carers and families of people with schizophrenia.

If you would like to attend the workshop, or require any further information, please contact Jack Robinson at MHP Communications at or by phone on 020 3128 8138.