ist2_9047937-business-graphCarers Network’s July survey with Hammersmith & Fulham carers reveals widespread satisfaction with the service, 18 months since we took over in the borough.

88% of carers told us they thought the service we deliver was excellent, good or very good.

86% of carers told us they would recommend CN to other carers.

Comments from carers included:

‘Carers Network makes a positive difference in the lives of carers’

There is always someone to talk to when I need them to get the right advice

‘I don’t know where I’d be without Carers Network’

‘So grateful for the help, I didn’t know support was out there before’

‘Very good service that I have recommended to other carers’.

‘They keep me sane and are the only people who reassure me I’m doing a good job’

Carers Network called or received online survey responses from 162 carers who had received a service from us in the last 18 months. the survey was completed between 22 and 28th July.

Many thanks to all who took part.

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