New research has just been published on how much respite unpaid carers in the UK are actually getting, from a holiday right down to even just an evening off.

The study was commissioned by The National Accident Helpline as the company is keen to raise awareness of the range of issues following an accident – such as the need to provide care for a loved-one.

The study looks at:

  • How many carers can get an evening or weekend break
  • The average holiday carers are able to take each year
  • When they can’t take a break why that is
  • The benefits a break would bring – for themselves and the person they care for
  • How supported they feel by those around them, and by their Local Authority

Following this study, the National Accident Helpline (NAH) is launching the chance for a carer and the person they care for to win a holiday through the British Caregiver Award. Find out more here:

The research findings are on the NAH website here:


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