Are you an older person (55+) in London who…

  • feels supporting your partner is made harder by their drinking, medication or drug use?
  • supports an adult child who has problems with alcohol or drugs?
  • looks after your grandchildren because their own parents cannot due to their drug or alcohol use?

…then Adfam want to hear from you!

Adfam is the national organisation working to improve support for families affected by drug and alcohol use.

They are running an exciting new project with people aged 55+ who support someone with drug and alcohol problems.

Working together with this group of older people, they are developing befriending schemes where older people with similar experiences can help and support each other.

Be part of the project! All expenses covered.

Please contact Rachael Evans for more information on: / 020 7553 7640.

There is more information on the project here

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