West London Mental Health are looking for one carer representative and one alternate from local services (adult) to sit on the Transformation Board.

The Transformation Board meets at Armstrong Way every 6 weeks and they we would like to have representatives in place for the next meeting on Fri 5 December 2014.

“The West London Transformation Board is an integrated Board, comprising CCG clinical and commissioning leads, WLMHT clinical and management leads, Local Authority representatives, Service Users and Carers, Third Sector representatives, NWL Strategy and Transformation representatives and Trust Staff.  There are work streams that report to the Transformation Board that are responsible for ensuring that the changes are implemented. 

 A role of the Transformation Board is to oversee and support delivery of the Work Stream Delivery Groups’ (WSDG) agendas and action plans.”

Please see this revised Transformation Board  information, role and expression of interest form.
Download here: Transformation Board information, role and expression of interest form.

If you are interested in this opportunity please see process below:-  

  • Returned expression of interest form  to Flippa via Alma, by 24 Nov (attached page 6 and 7 of information) address below or email
  • Informal Interviews 28 November at Armstrong Way: 2pm to 4pm individuals to be contacted to agree a convenient slot to meet
  • Carer rep to sit on 5 Dec Transformation Board

Dates of Transformation Board Meetings: All meetings are at Armstrong Way

•             Fri 5 Dec – 9.00 to 10.45 White room A and B


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