Carer’s Consultation – The Transitions Project

The subject of transitions often comes up when eating disorders are present in a family. In fact eating disorders are most prevalent around times of transition and it is no coincidence that eating disorders often appear around puberty, changing schools, going to university, starting work and changing relationships. Once diagnosed, there are additional transitions that carers face.

Beat are currently engaging as many carers as possible to share their experiences with them so they can find out how to help carers provide more effective care.

They are looking for carers to complete a questionnaire who:

1. Are supporting someone currently experiencing, or recovering from, an eating disorder
2. Who are living, studying or working in any London borough
3. Have experience of supporting someone going through a life transition

The questionnaire takes 15 minutes to complete and will be an invaluable contribution to Beat’s understanding of carers’ support needs. The closing date is 5pm on Thurs 11 December. Click here to complete the questionnaire:

If you would like to discuss this further please contact

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