We Need To Talk About Caring

A Raising Films survey is investigating the scale of care-work undertaken by people employed within the screen industries

Survey open now and can be completed here: www.raisingfilms.com/carers-survey

The latest piece of industry research from Raising Films – We Need To Talk About Caring – is aimed at people who are working, or who have worked, in the screen industries and who currently have caring responsibilities or have had caring responsibilities in the past.

From initial desk research Raising Films recognised a number of issues. Primarily that people are not acknowledging their caring status and within the screen industries this can stem from the ‘I need to be constantly available’ mind-set inherent with a freelance gig economy through to the lack of established structures within the industry to access support from employers. Secondly, while there is a general understanding of childcare responsibilities, the demands of providing care are less widely understood and discussed. According to Carers UK this ‘silence’ about the level of people’s caring status within the workforce has a negative affect on their overall wellbeing.

This is why Raising Films urges the screen industries to recognise that We Need To Talk About Caring.

Raising Films want to help people within the screen industries acknowledge and recognise the caring they do (or have done in the past) and want to hear how best to support these people providing care who work, have worked or want to return to work within the screen industries.

Raising Films want to hear from people who are working, or who have worked, in the screen industries, across all roles and areas and who also have or have had caring responsibilities. For the purposes of the We Need To Talk About Caring survey this does not include parenting only, unless the child or children being cared for are disabled and therefore have additional care needs, but Raising Films do want to hear from sandwich carers; those who are looking after young children at the same time as caring for older parents.

Through We Need To Talk About Caring Raising Films aims to gather the primary research required to engage with the screen industries for recognition, change and the establishing of support structures and mechanisms for those providing care. And as with their previous interventions Making It Possible and Raising Our Game will use the outcomes from We Need To Talk About Caring to inform, educate, inspire and provoke change.

The We Need To Talk About Caring survey will close on Friday 19 April. A resulting report will be launched w/c 10 June to coincide with Carers Week 2019.