Carers Network is delighted to announce a brand-new health and wellbeing group called Carers Group Singing!

In response to a survey that we sent out to all carers asking if you would be interested in group singing, a whopping 63% of you said yes.

Delivered by our volunteer Sofia Ziyang Cao, Carers Group Singing will start on Thursday 12th September to 28th November 2019 at the Beethoven Centre in the Main Hall.

This group will run for twelve weeks consecutively at the Beethoven Centre at 2-3pm, every Thursday.

To sign up please email or call 020 8960 3033

Sofia has an M.A in Music from University College London, and her skills and experience includes playing the piano, opera singing, conducting a choir; as well as teaching music to autistic children and adults.  She is particularly interested in research on the psychology of music in improving quality of life.