Who can apply?

To apply for a Carers Personal Budget you must:

  • be aged over 18
  • be providing on-going regular and substantial care (usually in excess of 10 hours unpaid care per week) to someone aged 18 or over
  • be caring for a person who is living at home and who is a resident of Westminster
  • have had a Carers Assessment or re-assessment prior to completing the Carers Personal Budget application form
  • be an unpaid carer
  • be providing support to someone who is entitled to a community care assessment of their needs

You do not have to be living with the person you are caring for.

How do I apply for a Carers Personal Budget?

Following a separate Carers Assessment or re-assessment, eligible carers will be given information about the scheme. You will then be supported by your Assessor to complete an application form. There are 7 questions which will help calculate the amount to be awarded.

Successful applicants will then receive:

  • a letter
  • a copy of the application form
  • an information leaflet
  • an acceptance form
  • a ‘record of spend’ form

You will be asked to return the acceptance form with your bank details (in a pre-paid envelope) to Westminster City Council’s finance department who will then arrange payment.

What is a Carers Assessment?

If you provide regular and substantial care to someone who is over 18, then you might be entitled to a carer’s assessment. A carer’s assessment is not a test of your ability to care. It is an opportunity to look at your own needs as a carer and how you can be supported to fulfil your caring role.

Carers have a right to an assessment even if the cared for person refuses, provided that the cared for person is eligible for community care services. You need to have a carers’ assessment in order to apply for a Carers Personal Budget.