We are really delighted to announce that Carers Network is now managing the Carers Time Bank across Westminster, making us the one-stop-shop for carers services across the City of Westminster.

Carers Network believes this will mean that even more carers in the borough get to enjoy the benefits of the Carers Time Bank along with the existing support, activities, advice and services of Carers Network, which delivers carers services on behalf of Westminster Council.

We are delighted that the current Time Bank team, Viola Etienne and Siyane Debela-Dinssa, will continue to run the service and will be based with Carers Network in the busy Beethoven community Centre in Queen’s Park.

The Carers Time Bank was previously run by the longstanding and well-regarded local charity Westminster Carers Service. Trustees of Westminster Carers Service began discussions with Carers Network in early 2015 to explore how the organisations could work more closely together and agreed that the best option for Time Bank members and future members would be for Carers Network to take over the running of the Time Bank.  This is due to the size of Carers Network, the links to other services and contracts, the variety of work we offer and our reach.  Carers Network believes that the valuable work of the Time Bank really complements our existing work with carers. Following the transfer Westminster Carers Service will wind up as an organisation, leaving behind a proud history of valuable work to support unpaid carers in the borough.

Find out more about the Time Bank and how to get involved here.


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Bank of England

On Wednesday 9th October Carers Network joined staff members from Carers Trust and Southwark Carers on a visit to the Bank of England. The visit was organised by Carers Trust and Bank of England for the purpose of raising awareness of support available from local carers centers for working carers.

Communications and Engagement Manager Cecilia Faduola from Carers Network presented findings from a study conducted by Action for Carers in Employment, which showed the business and social benefits of supporting working carers. Attendees also heard about the valuable support carers receive in the form of practical and emotional support plus help to get breaks. The Bank of England employ over 4,000 people across various locations in the heart of London and have a robust programme in place to support working carers.

If your business or organisation employ working carers and would like to hear about the business and social benefits of supporting working carers please contact Carers Network to discuss your needs by calling 020 8960 3033. You can also visit Employers for Carers a website dedicated to supporting employers and working carers.