A big CN ‘Thank You’ to Lorna as we celebrate her 15 years at Carers Network!

For the past 15 years Lorna Hayes has been a valuable member of the Carers Network team, during which time she has provided an incredible amount of support to carers.

Here are a few quotes that give just a snippet of the huge impact she has had on carers:

“In your work, Lorna, you employ compassion, sensitivity, and, importantly, you treat carers as individuals – valuing their input and things that are important to them. Over the years, you have become CN’s true asset for your knowledge of carers’ matters and genuine interest in the welfare of carers. With many thanks, Jarka” (Westminster carer).

“Lorna was polite, friendly, patient, great listening skills, showed empathy and understanding” Westminster carer.

Lorna has recently helped some carers by introducing them to the world of patchwork quilting, and those of you who came to the Carers Festival may remember her handiwork. See photos below.

One carer said the following after her patchwork quilting session with Lorna:

“I can honestly say that Lorna was so very kind and generous with her time and patience. As there was so much to enjoy on the day and so many people wanted her attention, she kindly finished my quilt at home which I certainly did not expect. I am sure that she goes out of her way to help many more people – a kind and gentle lady who goes beyond what is expected of her.” Josephina, Westminster carer.

Sally Miller, Carers Network’s CEO, says: “Lorna’s work and commitment to Carers Network is impressive. Lorna is professional, knowledgeable, kind and patient. She exudes commitment and compassion, and is a wonderful team member, appreciated by me and all at Carers Network.”

Steve Bramley, Carers Network’s Chair, adds: “Lorna has been ever present at Carers Network supporting carers since I joined the board as a trustee in early 2013. I know very well from what I’ve seen – and from what I’ve heard from carers –  how much you value, respect, trust and love Lorna. Thanks for all your hard work over the past fifteen years Lorna!”

Hear, hear from all the team at Carers Network!

Lorna’s Quilting Corner at The Carers Week Carers Festival

One of Lorna’s lovely quilts