Direct Payments are payments made by Westminster City Council and the London Borough of Hammersmith and Fulham council for adults who have been assessed as needing help from Social Services and who would like to arrange and pay for their own care and support services instead of receiving them directly from the respective council

A person must be able to give their consent to receiving Direct Payments and be able to manage them even if they need help to do this on a day-to-day basis.

Further information on Direct Payments for Hammersmith & Fulham carers can be found here

How do I use them?

You can use Direct Payments to purchase the services you need directly. You can do this by going to an organisation or agency that provides these services or you can employ someone yourself.

What are the benefits?

The idea is that you have greater choice and control with Direct Payments. If you are not getting the service you need, you can simply go somewhere else. By employing someone directly you can have someone of your choice providing you with services, including a member of your family as long as they do not live with you.

Are Direct Payments difficult to manage?

For people not used to organising care and support services, the management can be hard at first. However, there is help available. If you are going to employ people directly, you will especially need help as you will be taking on the responsibilities of an employer.

Can Carers Get Direct Payments?

If you as a carer have been assessed as needing support (see Carers Assessments) you are also entitled to use Direct Payments to purchase this support.

What if I currently pay towards my services?

You will only receive Direct Payments to the value of Social Services’ current contribution to your services. In other words, Direct Payments will take into account your financial assessment.

To find about more about Direct Payments please visit GOV.UK