The National Trading Standards (NTS) Scams Team is focussing on dementia sufferers who may be receiving scams or nuisance calls and offering a solution. They are offering FREE call blocking devices.

Why install a call blocker

Official trials commissioned by the government have shown that the blocking technology supplied by trueCall ( is extremely effective blocking over 95% of nuisance calls.

People have reported many benefits from having a call blocker such as

  • Allowing people to live independently for longer

Significantly reducing the risk of financial harm.

  • Reducing anxiety, confusion and stress for older people, their family and their professional carers
  • Reducing the risk of trips, falls and distraction accidents due to getting up to answer the phone unnecessarily
  • Helping those who live alone feel safer and more in control and giving peace of mind to their family and friends*

To get a FREE call blocking device, YES should be answered to the following

  1. Do you or the person you are applying for receive nuisance and scam calls?
  2. Does the person who would like the call blocker have dementia?

If you answered yes to the above then please apply at

The 20 minute Friends Against Scams online learning.  

Friends Against Scams has been created to tackle the lack of scams awareness by providing information about scams and those who fall victim to them

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