***NHS England Pilot: Special Offer Free Courses available for volunteers who support improvements to Health and Social Care!!!***

Who is the offer for?

  • Patients/carers/public voice representatives who are involved with NHS England, Clinical Commissioning Groups of other healthcare organisations
  • Voluntary and community group members involved in health and social care
  • Healthwatch staff and volunteers
  • Patient Participation Groups
  • Other interested individuals

What are the courses?

There are three free courses on offer, all offered by a Department of Health funded partnership called “Engage for Change”. You can choose ONE of the courses to take part in.

  1. “Understanding the Health and Social Care Environment” (UHSCE) is a course exploring the stakeholders in the current health and social care environment. Course participants will learn about influencing change and undertake a practical project as part of the course.
  2. “Facilitation and Engagement in the Health and Social Care Environment” (FEHSCE) is a course covering the engagement of seldom heard groups, facilitation skills.  Course participants will have to plan and carry out a practical engagement exercise
  3. “Using Data in the Health and Social Care Environment” (UDHSCE) is a course focusing on key terms used in data, and where to get data to support a case for change, and course participants will have to plan a report and find data to back it up on the health and social care subject of your choice.

The courses are delivered online, courses 1 and 2 above also have a face to face assessment day.

The six documents below have more information about EACH course and a separate REGISTRATION FORM for each course.
FEHSCE Course Outline
FEHSCE Registration Form (NHS England)
UDHSCE Course Outline
UDHSCE Registration Form (NHS England)
UHSCE Course Outline
UHSCE Registration Form (NHS England)

NHS England is running these courses as a pilot to assess their usefulness for those involved in supporting participation in healthcare and NHS England’s work. For this reason they ask all learners to commit to attending an evaluation day after the courses to give their feedback. This will take place on the 15 December 2015.

Application process and criteria:

  • Applicants should already be involved in some volunteering activity in the health and social care field and should be interested in developing their participation skills
  • Please be sure to complete the right registration form the course that you are interested in. You can fill in the interactive pdf form, save it and return it to them. You should do this in Adobe Reader.
  • Applications should be returned to Alice Williams: williams2@nhs.net
  • You can only apply for ONE course.
  • Deadline for applications: Friday 4 September 2015.
  • Start Date for all courses: Tuesday 15 September 2015
  • If you are applying to do the Understanding the Health and Social Care Environment course (UHSCE), you must be able to attend a face to face assessment on the 8 December 2015
  • If you are applying to do the Facilitation and Engagement in the Health and Social Care Environment course (FEHSC), you must be able to attend face to face assessment on the 9 December 2015
  • There is no face to face assessment for the Using Data in the Health and Social Care Environment course (UDHSCE)
  • All course participants must also be available to attend an evaluation day on Tuesday 15 December 2015
  • Travel and accommodation costs for the face to face days and the evaluation day will be covered.

Please apply early as places are limited and if the course becomes full they will close to further registrations prior to the given deadline. Places will be given on a first come first served basis but as this is a pilot and they are interested in having a wide diversity of participant backgrounds, they reserve the right to limit participant numbers form individual organisations.

What will I gain from these courses?

Accredited by the Open College Network of Yorkshire and Humber, the result for learners will be to gain a 3 credit level 3 module which is roughly that of an “A” level. This can form part of your CV or resumé. The courses will also provide an excellent way to meet other people working or volunteering in similar fields and give you practical experience.

How are these courses assessed?

Over 12 weeks you will be expected to complete about 30 hours of study, which will be delivered online. For the UHSCE and FEHSCE courses you are also required to attend a full day in London at the end of the course to present your learning. For the UDHSCE course there is no end day, the course is entirely online. Participation in all courses for this pilot also necessitates all participants attending a full day evaluation session in London on Tuesday 15 December 2015.

What will this course cost?

There is no charge for this course, however they ask for a £50 deposit cheque from each learner to secure their place on the course. This will only be banked in case of non-completion of the course, otherwise, it will be returned on completion. If this prohibits you from taking part, please contact them.

If you have any questions, please contact Alice Williams. t:  07500124113   e: Alice.williams2@nhs.net


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