Free Strength, Growth & Resilience Workshops. Starts Thurs 25 July, 10am-12pm at Beethoven Centre

There is an opportunity for carers to go to free Strength, Growth & Resilience Workshops.

There will be 4 sessions, once a week on a Thursday for 4 weeks.

  • When: 10am-12pm for 4 consecutive Thursdays running from 25 July-15 August
  • Where: Beethoven Centre Third Ave, London W10 4JL. Map here.

This interactive workshop series aims to help you focus on your mental and physical wellbeing.

You will gain knowledge about techniques and skills to look after yourself, with activities and relaxation exercises, so that you will have the Strength, Growth & Resilience to manage your caring role.

The workshops to be presented are:

  1. Telling Your Story,
  2. Coping With Emotions,
  3. Looking After Yourself &
  4. Next Step.

Places are limited. To register you will need to call 020 3802 7070 ASAP to avoid disappointment.