Carers Network would like to wish you all a Happy New Year!.

November and December 2014 were a busy time for us at Carers Network.  We organised two Carers Rights Day events across both boroughs on November 28th, welcoming carers from Hammersmith and Fulham and Westminster.  Stall holders and speakers from a wide range of expertise offered advice and gave informative talks to unpaid carers.

DWP, PeopleFirst, Nationwide and Citizens Advice to name a few were on hand to answer questions at both events.  And as a special treat we arranged mini hand head and back massage sessions for carers on the day, from qualified therapists.

In December carers were treated to a wonderful 3 course meal at The Cumberland Hotel Marble Arch, as well as two Christmas parties held across both boroughs.  At the Christmas parties carers were musically entertained by a professional musician and singer who specialised in jazz music.  Whilst the music played people talked, and tucked into a delicious meal which was followed by a festive winter berry dessert.  As a special treat carers were able to have a caricature of themselves drawn, which as you can see below are great fun, and brought a lot of smiles and laughs on the day!  After raffle prizes were given out to lucky winners, carers and Carers Network staff joined in a sing-along of traditional Christmas carols to end the evening.

Summarised Christmas events feedback (combined)

Thank you all at Carers Network Westminster for all your help and support.

Good evening. Good food.

I enjoyed the singing and welcoming of the staff. Food was so good and everybody was friendly.

The lovely outings are always appreciated.

To say thank you. I enjoyed myself and had a fantastic time and good food. Thanks to all the team.

Suggestions for future events (combined)

Better food

The event was too far from my home.

Outings for Spring / Summer when weather better

More interaction with the carers

Can play piano at future event if needed!

More getting out of London where we can relax and forget about what we have to do. An Easter party.

Summarised feedback from Carers Rights Day

I am keen to do more activities such as reflexology, head and body massages / shiatsu

Enjoyed therapist but there should have one in each room

Very helpful and important

Please make the times of talks clearly visible

A bit more room and less noisy!

Your feedback is always important and relevant to us when we are planning events, so please continue to complete a feedback form after each event, or training session that you attend.

Carers Network would like to say big thank you to Ian peck (Trustee and General Manager at The Cumberland Hotel) for providing a lovely 3 course meal to 50 carers.  The room was and perfect for what we at Carers Network had planned for the evening and allowing everyone to relax, meet new people, have fun and enjoy themselves until midnight.

Apologies, we are currently experiencing problems with our photo library. Photos will be uploaded shortly. 

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