Help to cope with the everyday challenges of being a carer

Being a Carer can be a very rewarding but challenging experience. The challenges associated with caring for others can lead to experiences of low mood, stress, frustration, poor sleep and worry.

Back on Track are able to help you understand more about these difficulties and help find ways of coping with them.

They are delivering a ‘Keeping the Balance’ workshop that will give you the opportunity to meet other carers so you can learn and share your experiences. It will also introduce a range of techniques aimed at helping you cope with everyday challenges.

  • When: Wednesday 24 July, 2:15pm-4:30pm.
  • Where: Bishop Creighton House, 374-380 Lillie Rd, SW6 7PH. Map here.

The workshop is a one-off session that may help you complete your caring role more effectively.

It looks to help:

  • normalise the experiences and struggles of being a carer through group discussion
  • signpost to other in-house groups & workshops, helpful external groups and organisations,
  • provide psycho-education on cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) techniques most relevant to the group, including mindfulness and relaxation

To register for the workshop please email or call 020 8960 30333