Free interactive six-week Health & Wellbeing course.

There is an exciting opportunity for carers in South Westminster to take part in a free interactive six-week Health & Wellbeing course.

This will equip you with a range of tools to help improve your physical and mental fitness, so you can take better care of yourself while dealing with the stressful demands of being a carer.

The weekly course will start this Thursday 17 January 2019 and run for 6 consecutive Thursdays from 2pm-3.30pm at Churchill Hall, Churchill Gardens, London SW1V 3AL (map here)

To register for this course please RSVP by emailing or calling 020 8960 30333

The workshops, facilitated by N.ableD and Return to Wellness, will cover:

  • Treating and preventing ill health
  • How to get the best out of your daily routine while caring for someone
  • Nutrients required from food and drink to help boost your energy levels
  • Simple ways to avoid energy crashes to prevent tiredness and fatigue
  • Strategies you can adopt immediately to help take back control of your own health and mental wellbeing, while still caring for someone.

Each information session ends with a short session of simple, fun and effective exercises that can be done to music.

 Session dates:

  • Session 1 – Thursday 17 January
  • Session 2 –  Thursday 24 January
  • Session 3 – Thursday 31 January
  • Session 4 – Thursday 7 February
  • Session 5 – Thursday 14 February
  • Session 6 – Thursday 21 February

You must be able to commit to attend all of the 6 sessions.

If you would require respite care or cover from Adult Social Care to attend the course, Carers Network can support you in applying for this.