New Group Launches in H&F on Friday 6 September!

Carers Network is pleased to announce our new Embroidery Group which will be starting on Friday 6 September in the London Borough of Hammersmith and Fulham.

This will be delivered by our new volunteer Diana Dias-Leao.

Diana is former fashion designer, teacher, and has extensive artistic experience in teaching group embroidery and making dresses from glass.

This new group will take place at Bishop Creighton House, 374-380 Lillie Rd, Hammersmith,  SW6 7PH for eight sessions from 2-4pm on the following dates:

(First Friday of the month)

  1. Friday 6th September 2019
  2. Friday 4th October   2019
  3. Friday 1st November 2019
  4. Friday 6th December 2019
  5. Friday 3rd January 2020
  6. Friday 7th February 2020
  7. Friday 6TH March 2020
  8. Friday  3rd April   2020