The Grants Team at Carers Trust worked with Deloitte PCS and British Airways in 2014 to offer workshops on education, employability and financial skills for groups of young carers and young adult carers across the UK. They are offering more workshops in London and Leeds.

Deloitte – Open to young adult carers aged 14-24

15 places available

Date: Wednesday February 18th, 10am-4pm

Location: Central London

Topics: The morning session will be an interactive interview skills workshop with young adult carers practising one to one with Deloitte volunteers. After a lunch break in Deloitte’s offices canteen, the group will go on a job skills related hunt around London.

How do you register?

Network Partners from across the UK are invited to register for up to 6 spaces and will need to nominate a staff member to accompany the young adult carers to the event. Adult carers can come on their own, but will need to register via their Network Partner.

If you would like to register more than 6 carers, please indicate this on your form and we will contact you if there are spare places.

Help with travel costs

To enable Network Partners from across the UK to attend, the Grants team will be able to provide up to 60% of support with the costs of travel and accommodation (if needed).

If you are interested in attending this workshop, please fill in the registration form here and send it back to Lou Flandrin, Volunteer Coordinator via email.

If you have any questions about this workshop, please do either call Lou on 020 7922 7757 or email a member of the Grants team.

Carers Network would like to wish you all a Happy New Year!.

November and December 2014 were a busy time for us at Carers Network.  We organised two Carers Rights Day events across both boroughs on November 28th, welcoming carers from Hammersmith and Fulham and Westminster.  Stall holders and speakers from a wide range of expertise offered advice and gave informative talks to unpaid carers.

DWP, PeopleFirst, Nationwide and Citizens Advice to name a few were on hand to answer questions at both events.  And as a special treat we arranged mini hand head and back massage sessions for carers on the day, from qualified therapists.

In December carers were treated to a wonderful 3 course meal at The Cumberland Hotel Marble Arch, as well as two Christmas parties held across both boroughs.  At the Christmas parties carers were musically entertained by a professional musician and singer who specialised in jazz music.  Whilst the music played people talked, and tucked into a delicious meal which was followed by a festive winter berry dessert.  As a special treat carers were able to have a caricature of themselves drawn, which as you can see below are great fun, and brought a lot of smiles and laughs on the day!  After raffle prizes were given out to lucky winners, carers and Carers Network staff joined in a sing-along of traditional Christmas carols to end the evening.

Summarised Christmas events feedback (combined)

Thank you all at Carers Network Westminster for all your help and support.

Good evening. Good food.

I enjoyed the singing and welcoming of the staff. Food was so good and everybody was friendly.

The lovely outings are always appreciated.

To say thank you. I enjoyed myself and had a fantastic time and good food. Thanks to all the team.

Suggestions for future events (combined)

Better food

The event was too far from my home.

Outings for Spring / Summer when weather better

More interaction with the carers

Can play piano at future event if needed!

More getting out of London where we can relax and forget about what we have to do. An Easter party.

Summarised feedback from Carers Rights Day

I am keen to do more activities such as reflexology, head and body massages / shiatsu

Enjoyed therapist but there should have one in each room

Very helpful and important

Please make the times of talks clearly visible

A bit more room and less noisy!

Your feedback is always important and relevant to us when we are planning events, so please continue to complete a feedback form after each event, or training session that you attend.

Carers Network would like to say big thank you to Ian peck (Trustee and General Manager at The Cumberland Hotel) for providing a lovely 3 course meal to 50 carers.  The room was and perfect for what we at Carers Network had planned for the evening and allowing everyone to relax, meet new people, have fun and enjoy themselves until midnight.

Apologies, we are currently experiencing problems with our photo library. Photos will be uploaded shortly. 

One half day session for six weeks taught by people with long-term conditions

Includes relaxation, managing pain, and better communication with health care professionals.

Venue: Penfold Community Trust, 60 Penfold St, London, NW8 8PJ

Start date: Tues 27 Jan 2015, 11.30am – 1.30pm

To book yourself you must contact Davendra, on 020 8749 801 or email




Carer’s Consultation – The Transitions Project

The subject of transitions often comes up when eating disorders are present in a family. In fact eating disorders are most prevalent around times of transition and it is no coincidence that eating disorders often appear around puberty, changing schools, going to university, starting work and changing relationships. Once diagnosed, there are additional transitions that carers face.

Beat are currently engaging as many carers as possible to share their experiences with them so they can find out how to help carers provide more effective care.

They are looking for carers to complete a questionnaire who:

1. Are supporting someone currently experiencing, or recovering from, an eating disorder
2. Who are living, studying or working in any London borough
3. Have experience of supporting someone going through a life transition

The questionnaire takes 15 minutes to complete and will be an invaluable contribution to Beat’s understanding of carers’ support needs. The closing date is 5pm on Thurs 11 December. Click here to complete the questionnaire:

If you would like to discuss this further please contact

Carers Rights Day Slider New2jpgCarers Network welcomed 64 carers from across Hammersmith and Fulham and Westminster to our twin Carers Rights Day events on 28 November. ‘Know your rights’ was the theme of this year’s national day and carers had chance to talk to experts at stalls ranging from DWP to local community support projects. A series of short talks gave carers the lowdown on avoiding fraud and scams, support with managing budgeting and debt, advice on benefits entitlement and where to get local information. Carers also enjoyed meeting other carers and taster sessions of massage and reflexology.

Carers told us in their own words:

Very helpful and important

Very nice and sociable

Everyone was friendly, especially the Carers Network team

The event was very informative

Some carers wanted these events to happen more often, we also heard requests to hold events in different places. We try to vary locations and will choose different venues next year to make it easier for other carers to attend. Thank you all for attending and for your helpful feedback!



Everyday First Aid for Carers

Would you know what to do?

This practical, bespoke course delivered by the British Red Cross will focus on skills most relevant to carers, including dealing with:
 Seizures
 Choking
 Head injuries
 Unconsciousness
 Burns

Hammersmith & Fulham:
Tuesday 20th January 2015, 1pm – 3pm
At: Bishop Crighton House, Lillie Road, SW6 7PH

Thursday 22nd January 2015, 2pm – 4pm
At: Beethoven Centre, Third Avenue, W10 4JL

Please call us at Carers Network to book your place:
Hammersmith and Fulham 0207 386 9417 | Westminster 0208 960 3033
Or email:

First Aid flyer Jan2015

There is a morning event to speak to commissioner Peter Beard about the support people with a learning disability receive.

The North West London Collaboration of Clinical Commissioning Groups want to know what you think about the support that you get.

Come and tell Peter what you think.

When: Monday 24 November
Time: 10:30am to 1pm
Where: London Lighthouse, 111-117 Lancaster Road, London, W11 1QT

For more information phone Peter on 0203 350 4352

Lunch provided.