PPGAre you a registered member of a GP practice?

Do you belong to a GP Patient Participation Group or would you like to find out what it involves?

What is a Patient Participation Group?

Patient Participation Groups (PPGs) are made up of patients, GP practice managers and nurses.

PPG members meet regularly to have an honest and constructive discussion about how primary health care is delivered and how this might impact on patients and local communities

PPGs have helped to:

  • Improve appointment waiting times
  • Improve communication between patients and front-line staff
  • Identify key issues
  • Enable resources to be used more effectively

PPGs will allow you as a carer to:

  • Have your say and speak up for the people you care for
  • Become more engaged in wider health issues
  • Access free training events
  • Meet other patients and share ideas

Get involved — we invite you to get in touch if you are interested in being a carer representative on your local PPG or if you are interested in having your say on any upcoming service changes.

If you get in touch we’ll keep you in the loop.

What support will Carers Network give you?

Carers Network launched the Healthy Carers Better Care project to help carers in Queen’s Park and Paddington to look after themselves and use their wealth of experience to help shape local health services.

We will provide training on what it means to be a PPG member and create opportunities for you to attend PPGs and provide feedback on health services – finding alternative roots of involvement for carers with health or mobility issues and/or limited time.

To get involved or for more information please contact Siyane Debela (Carers Network’s Healthy Carers Officer) on:

T: 020 8960 3033
E: siyane.debela@carers-network.co.uk

For more information about Patient Participation Groups please see www.napp.org.uk