Direct Payments – at the last North City Support Group we had a visit from Penderel’s Trust to talk about how they help carers to manage care services for their loved ones.

When the person you care for starts to need more help, you can ask Social Services for a Needs Assessment. They will assess the needs of the person you care for, how much that care will cost, and whether you or the council will pay for it.

The Carers UK website has more information about Needs Assessments and Paying for Care.

After that Care Assessment, Social Services then pay a care agency to provide that care. In the City, the agency used will be Bluebird Care.

However, if you would rather use a different agency, or employ a friend or family member to provide the care instead, you can ask to receive that money as a Direct Payment, which you then pay to a care agency or individual to provide the care.

You can find out more about Direct Payments here.

Managing that money, and employing a care worker directly, can be quite a lot of work.

That’s where Penderel’s Trust come in.

Penderel manages direct payments for clients who want to employ a private person, or a different agency, to provide care.

The Direct Payment will go from the council to Penderel, and they will then set up a care package, recruit a care worker (if needed), pay the care worker and deal with any employment issues.

If there are any problems, Penderel can deal with them.

Penderel do charge for their services. The advantage for you is that they deal with the organising and admin, with the money coming in and going out, and with the employment law relating to the care worker.

If you are interested and would like to know more, you can speak to Ansar at Penderel’s London office on 0208 629 5980 or email

You can contact Adult Social Services for a needs assessment on 020 7332 1224 or email

Not sure and want to talk it through? Call Rose, the City support worker, on 07980 744 511 and she’ll be happy to talk it through with you.