Carers Network is supporting’s campaign to encourage the Government to act to stop carers missing out on state pension.

Official figures show 95% of carers are currently missing out on vital Carer’s Credits

Sarah Pennells, founder of money website, has launched a petition to highlight this, which you can sign here:

Carer’s Credits are available to those who care for someone for at least 20 hours a week, if the person they are caring for gets certain benefits*.

However, only 5% of carers who are eligible currently claim these credits.

Under the Care Act 2014, health and social care professionals in England have a responsibility to identify carers and provide them with access to information, advice and support. In theory this signposting or referral may include information on financial matters or when they access information (usually from a local carers service) this would be discussed.

Research by the Carers Trust has found that the Care Act is still not being implemented thoroughly and so many carers are still missing out on this information and advice.

Sarah Mitchell, Carers Network’s Chief Executive, says: “Missing out on carer credits can mean a carer’s income is squeezed when they reach pension age – and it needn’t be.  Many people caring for someone for twenty hours a week or more do not know that they can receive support with caring, many do not even see themselves as carers.‘”

To apply for Carer’s Credit, you have to download an application form here, or call 0345 608 4321 to get a form sent to you.

You can find out more information about the campaign here 

(*Please note, that if the person you look after doesn’t get one of these benefits, you may still be able to get Carer’s Credit. You simply need to also fill in the ‘Care Certificate’ part of the application form and get a health or social care professional to sign it.)