It had been hit and miss weather wise before our Carers Network coach trip to Brighton on Friday 29th August.  But fortunately for us the sun came out, and it turned out to be a lovely warm day.  So there was no need for umbrellas and wellies after all!

Over 30 carers were able to come along and enjoy a day out in Brighton, and the majority also decided to join the self-guided tour we arranged at the Royal Pavilion.

Royal Pavilion          IMG_6439

The feedback on ‘What was liked most about the trip’, was the fresh air, being by the sea and out of London for the day, the historical value of the Royal Pavilion, and being able to relax a bit.  And of course the beach and fish and chips!


There is always room for improvement when planning and organising events and trips etc – which is why completing our Feedback and Evaluation forms is important.  Based on the feedback received on ‘Is there anything you felt needed improvement?’ ,  it was suggested that a better meeting point for Westminster would be a good idea – especially as the coach just about made it through the small nearby streets to get to the Beethoven Centre.

Taking all the feedback into consideration, overall, it turned out to be a great day out.


Please check the website and look out for our latest newsletter, for any future up-and-coming events, days out, and other useful dates for your diary!


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