First Aid workshop for City carers
When: Thursday 27th April 2-4pm
Where: Ralph Perring room on the Golden Lane Estate, London EC1Y 0RD

All carers welcome. Call 07980 744 511 to register or email for more information


Local cardiology and respiratory services available through Imperial College Hospital Trust.

A leaflet relating to local cardiology services available through Imperial College Hospital Trust can be download here.

a leaflet relating to local respiratory services available through Imperial College Hospital Trust can be downloaded here

Carers may find that caring increases their expenses and decreases their income.

As a result, one in five carers struggles to pay their rent or mortgage.

Over a third cannot afford their utility bills and many don’t have enough money if there is an emergency.

Turn2us has helped Carers Trust write new information on for carers about financial and other support available in emergencies.

Turn2us suggests that carers should:

  • See if they can get extra emergency benefit payments.
  • Consider local welfare assistance.
  • Get help with food and groceries.
  • Check they are claiming all the benefits they can.
  • Get advice and support from their local carer service.

Find out more about emergency financial support on

Carers Network is funded by Westminster City Council and the London Borough of Hammersmith & Fulham Council to deliver what’s known as a ‘hub’ service – that’s things like providing advice and information, support groups, carers assessments, grants and events – until May 2017; after that, the councils will commission a new service.

The councils have now set out what they want from that new service, some of you may have been involved in the meetings they had about it last year.

It includes a big emphasis on delivering more carer assessments, providing more advice sessions and identifying new carers.

They are also asking the new service to provide more support for working carers, a part-time telephone advice line and partnerships with local organisations, in particular local employers and GPs.

Carers Network is the only specialist carers’ charity operating in the two boroughs. We love working with and for carers, so we will be bidding to continue working with you.

Bids were invited from 31 December, and we now expect a decision in March 2017.

While we go through this process we’ll continue delivering the current service as usual.

We will keep you all informed about the new service when we hear further information.


On the 24th October Carers Network and City Cruises worked in partnership to deliver a free lunch time cruise across the Thames River for a group of carers.  The mini voyage through the heart of London also included a gourmet three- course meal with running commentary on the history of the Thames. After desert, carers strolled on deck to fully take in the river cruise experience. This historical views ranged from the awe-inspiring Houses of Parliament to the ancient Tower of London (with its gruesome past) and onto the Royal Palace of Greenwich. Indeed, carers enjoyed a feast for the eyes, ears and stomach.

Lunch cruise River Boat Cruise Carer, Joseph Frimpong said, “It was a fantastic trip – I enjoyed every moment and felt totally relaxed, it was nice to be waited on for a change. Thank you very much Carers Network”

Communications and Engagement Manager Cecilia Faduola who organised the trip said “Carers Network believe in memorable, quality breaks and will do everything possible to give carers just that”

Carers Network would like to thank City Cruises for their contribution towards the trip and excellent service on board the hop on hop off sightseeing tour.

Look out for information on how you could take part in day trips with Carers Network by viewing our online Events Calendar.






15e17b98779c5d0c82e013f3530441a3On September 17th members from Carers Action and staff from Carers Network presented Etta Carnelli with a lunch time spread, a bouquet of flowers and a special gift in appreciation for all her hardwork for carers across Westminster for the past six years. Etta is leaving the borough to settle in her new home of Dorset to be nearer her son who she cares for.

Nobody can say that Etta did not care passionately about carers rights, health and general well being. She campaigned tirelessly and spoke up for the rights of carers in various ways, such as her consistent and effective presence on various partnership boards, panels and committee groups, including, the Challenging Behaviour Steering Group, Carer Partnership Board, Carers Break Scheme Panel, Carers Network Board of Trustees and Carers Action.

Despite challenges with her sons care, she fought every fight with great patience, fortitude and grace. Her absence will be deeply felt by all who came into contact with the well spoken lady from Italy.

Carers Network and Carers Action would like to thank Etta for her commitment, hardwork and dedication to carers and wish her and her family the very for the future.

Farewell Etta!