Q What are Carers Personal Budgets ?

When you have had a new carer assessment and you are considered to have ‘eligible needs’ (see below), Carers Network will work with you on a support plan – this is where you identify how you wish to achieve the outcomes that are important to you. For example, one outcome might be ‘having time for myself’ or ‘getting fit’.

Carers Personal Budgets provide one method of helping you to achieve your outcomes.

Through the Carers Personal Budget (CPB) carers can receive a payment in order to:

  • help them take a break
  • assist them maintain good health and well being
  • reduce some of the difficulties that can arise when caring for someone

Q Am I eligible for a Carers Personal Budget?

The Care Act places an emphasis on prevention, information and advice for carers, and introduces new eligibility criteria for support. In order to be eligible for support, your needs have to arise as a consequence of

1. providing necessary care for an adult AND; caring has to either affect your physical or mental health (or it is at risk of deteriorating)


2. you are unable to achieve outcomes in specific areas AND as a consequence there is likely to be a significant impact on your well-being

To be eligible for a CPB, carers must:

  • Be aged over 18
  • Be caring for someone who is aged 18 or over
  • Have had a carers assessment and been assessed as having eligible needs which cannot be met by any other provision/service
  • Be caring for a person who is living at home and who is a resident of Westminster or Hammersmith & Fulham or (or placed out of borough by the council – excluding people in residential/nursing care). The carer does not have to be living with the person they are caring for.
  • Be an unpaid carer. Carers are still considered to be ‘unpaid’ if they receive Carers Allowance or manage the cared-for person’s personal budget.
  • Be providing unpaid care to someone who is entitled to a community care assessment of their needs. The cared-for person may not be entitled to or be in receipt of services to meet these needs or may even have refused an assessment

Please Note:

One application may be made within a twelve month period.

CPB will not affect Carer’s Allowance or any other benefits the carer may receive.

Please contact Carers Network office to find out more: 020 89603033