Carers Cuppa Volunteer

Carers Network are set to launch a new project called Carers Cuppa in partnership with two hospitals based in the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea. We have proposed to each hospital to have designated “Carers Cuppa” table/s within the hospital cafés, offering a place to support unpaid carers of the sick and disabled. These tables will clearly indicate they are ‘Carers Cuppa’ tables.

Those sitting at these tables will know that they are in a designated support area for unpaid carers where they can sit, talk, take a break/refreshment while meeting others in a similar position, whilst also having access to volunteers from Carers Network who will ‘man’ the tables at certain times during the week.

The benefits of this project are that it is no cost to the participating hospitals, the signed table can provide a hub for unpaid carers who can network with others in a similar position; as well as potentially reduce the emotional strain on overworked ward staff from stressed carers who are worried about their loved ones.

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