There are only 5 days left of our crowdfunding campaign! 

Time is running out and although we have so far done really well in raising £2,250 from 73 donors, we still need £250 to reach our goal in order to help 50 carers share skills in our unique Time Bank.

Here is the link to our project to read more about our work and to make a donation:


If we reach the baseline target of £2,500 from 50 donors by 19 December we will earn a permanent spot on GlobalGiving UK and become a part of the GlobalGiving network, which means we can access grants, trust fund money and training for our organisation – all for free!

Unfortunately, though, we can’t do this without your support. Please take these last few days to support our project which is online here:

In addition to making a donation, it would be amazing if you could help us by also spreading the word. If you can share this with your closest family or friends who you think would also be interested in helping us expand the Carers Time Bank that would be amazing, if they also donated to us we would definitely reach our target before 2pm on Monday 14 December!

Thank you for your continued support and effort, we hope we can share the successes of our project with you in the near future once we reach our goal.